National Statistics

Statistics on firearm and shotgun certificates, England and Wales: April 2018 to March 2019

Statistics on firearm and shotgun certificates issued by police forces in England and Wales under the Firearms Acts 1968 to 1997.



This release covers certificates on issue as at 31 March 2019, as well as historical trend data and police force comparisons. The release also provides information on certificates granted and refused for new and renewal applications, certificates revoked, registered firearm dealers, visitors’ permits, European Firearms Passes (EFP) and Article 7 Authorities issued. It also includes official statistics on the number of people who hold a firearm certificate and/or shotgun certificate, broken down by age and gender, and breakdowns of firearm and shotgun types.

Further information can be found in the ‘User guide to statistics on firearm and shotgun certificates, England and Wales’.

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Published 27 June 2019