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Port freight statistics: 2013 final figures

Freight handled by UK ports statistics during 2013.



This statistical release presents statistics on freight handled by UK sea ports in 2013.

Main results

In 2013:

  • total traffic for all UK ports was broadly stable in 2013 at 503.0 million tonnes following a year on year decline in 2012 of 4%.
  • minor ports tonnage increased by 1% when compared to 2012, up to 11.6 million tonnes following 2 years of decline.
  • major ports tonnage was steady with 491.4 million tonnes being handled, accounting for 98% of total traffic.
  • unitised traffic handled at UK major ports rose by 3%, with 21.4 million units coming in and out of the UK. This increase follows 2 years of decline.
  • the number of main freight units handled by UK major ports rose for the first time since 2010 to 12.0 million units.

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