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Local Alcohol Profiles for England: January 2020 data update

Update of Indicators in the Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE) interactive tool.



Public Health England (PHE) has published an update to Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE).

The LAPE interactive tool presents a range of alcohol-related indicators and allows users to view and analyse data in a user-friendly format.

The aim of the profile is to provide information for local government, health organisations, commissioners and other agencies to monitor the impact of alcohol on local communities, and to monitor the services and initiatives that have been put in place to prevent and reduce the harmful impact of alcohol.

This release includes new data for the following indicator:

  • years of life lost due to alcohol-related conditions

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Relevant information from LAPE to aid in the understanding of alcohol-related harm in a local population is available from the UK Government Web Archive.

Published 14 January 2020