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Health Survey for England 2015

The Health survey for England is a series of annual surveys designed to measure health, health related behaviours and social care in adults and children, in England.


Health Survey for England 2015


The Health Survey for England series was designed to monitor trends in the nation’s health, to estimate the proportion of people in England who have specified health conditions, and to estimate the prevalence of risk factors associated with these conditions. The surveys provide regular information that cannot be obtained from other sources on a range of aspects concerning the public’s health. The surveys have been carried out since 1994 by the Joint Health Surveys Unit of NatCen Social Research and the Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at UCL.

Report on 2014 to 2015 survey results. Data are presented at national and regional level.

Each survey in the series includes core questions and measurements (such as blood pressure, height and weight, and analysis of blood and saliva samples), as well as modules of questions on topics that vary from year to year.

Published 14 December 2016