Official Statistics

Framework for the analysis of future pension incomes

This document explains how we will measure the adequacy of people's future retirement incomes.



The government aims to help people maintain their standards of living in retirement. To achieve this, the government has announced a new State Pension and introduced automatic enrolment into workplace pensions. This document gives an overview of future retirement incomes to look at the impacts of the pension reforms as a whole and identify where future challenges remain.

It shows that as a result of pension reforms, 1 million fewer people will be facing inadequate retirement incomes, and 73% of those facing inadequate retirement incomes will see an improvement in their incomes, bringing them closer to their target income.

There are a number of actions individuals can take to improve their future retirement incomes. These include:

  • having a full working history
  • saving whilst in work
  • saving more

The right level of saving for an individual will depend on their particular circumstances but this document can help people understand the options.


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