Official Statistics

Disability prevalence estimates 2002/03 to 2011/12 (Apr to Mar)

Estimates of the number of people with a long-standing illness or disability in Great Britain for the years 2002/03 to 2011/12 (April to March).



More recent statistics about disability issues are available in the Family Resources Survey: financial year 2016/17 – see pages 7 to 8 of the main document and the data published in the ‘Disability data tables’.

These estimates, based on data from the Family Resources Survey, cover the number of people with a long-standing illness, disability or infirmity, and who have a significant difficulty with day-to-day activities.

The data is broken down by:

  • year (April to March)
  • age
  • type of impairment
  • gender
  • former government office regions

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Published 16 January 2014