Official Statistics

Children with special educational needs: an analysis - 2014

Statistics on pupils with special educational needs including attainment, destinations, tribunal appeals, school absence and exclusions.


SFR31/2014: main text

SFR31/2014: prevalence tables

SFR31/2014: attainment progression tables

SFR31/2014: young people tables

SFR31/2014: absence exclusions tables

SFR31/2014: appeals tables

SFR31/2014: local authority tables


The Special Educational Needs Information Act (2008) requires the Secretary of State to publish information about children in England with special educational needs (SEN).

This publication covers:

  • pupil characteristics

  • attainment and progression

  • destinations

  • absence and exclusions

  • special educational needs and disability (SEND) appeals

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