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UK House Price Index: data downloads March 2017

Download aggregated data behind the UK House Price Index.

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Datasets are available as CSV files. Find out about republishing and making use of the data.

Full file

Download the full UK HPI background file:

Individual attributes files

If you are interested in a specific attribute, we have separated them into these CSV files:

For more information about the data in these files, see About the UK HPI - Data tables.

Historical back series

This file includes a derived back series for the new UK HPI. Under the UK HPI, data is available from 1995 for England and Wales, 2004 for Scotland and 2005 for Northern Ireland. A longer back series has been derived by using the historic path of the ONS HPI to construct a series back to 1968:

Release calendar

The release calendar shows when the next month’s data will be published.

Published 16 May 2017