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Fire statistics incident level datasets

The Home Office collects detailed information on incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Services.

This page contains record level information on incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Services in England, as well as other information relating to fire statistics.

Project overview (PDF, 256KB, 9 pages)

Casualties in fires dataset guidance (PDF, 337KB, 9 pages)

Casualties in fires dataset (ODS, 2.6MB)

Daily incidents dataset guidance (PDF, 331KB, 8 pages)

Daily incidents dataset (ODS, 22.2MB)

Domestic appliance fires dataset guidance (PDF, 663KB, 10 pages)

Domestic appliance fires dataset (ODS, 6.57MB)

Dwelling fires dataset guidance (PDF, 771KB, 14 pages)

Dwelling fires dataset (ODS, 35.9MB)

Fire-related fatalities dataset guidance (PDF, 329KB, 8 pages)

Fire-related fatalities dataset (ODS, 99.5KB)

Fire stations dataset guidance (PDF, 211KB, 5 pages)

Fire stations dataset (ODS, 113KB)

Low level geography dataset guidance (PDF, 305KB, 8 pages)

Low level geography dataset (ODS, 28.8MB)

Non-fire incidents: animal assistance guidance (PDF, 350KB, 10 pages)

Non-fire incidents: animal assistance dataset (ODS, 1.67MB)

Non-fire incidents: bariatric assistance guidance (PDF, 332KB, 8 pages)

Non-fire incidents: bariatric assistance dataset (ODS, 201KB)

Other buildings fires dataset guidance (PDF, 400KB, 15 pages)

Other building fires dataset (ODS, 18.4MB)

Road vehicles fires dataset guidance (PDF, 387KB, 15 pages)

Road vehicle fires dataset (ODS, 16.9MB)

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