Statistical data set

ENV23 - UK statistics on waste

Update on the generation and management of UK waste, including the contributions made by various sectors.

This data set covers the waste generation and management figures for the whole of the UK. These statistics are compiled to comply with EC Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC) and EC Waste Statistics Regulation (2150/2002/EC) reporting requirements.

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UK statistics on waste data - March 2020 update

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Published 25 September 2014
Last updated 19 March 2020 + show all updates
  1. Annual update.

  2. Minor revisions to figures.

  3. Minor revisions made to improve aesthetic layout of spreadsheets within the datasets.

  4. Annual update.

  5. Datasets October revision.

  6. Annual update.

  7. Minor amendments to the data.

  8. Previous statistical dataset already on web page deleted as per instructions of responsible statistician.

  9. Uk waste data updated

  10. To publish 2014 biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) to landfill figures.

  11. New data on UK statistics on waste published.

  12. Data updated to accommodate revise publication in March 2015.

  13. new datasets 2010-2012

  14. First published.