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ENV09 - England biodiversity indicators

A strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services, biodiversity indicators: 2023 assessment.

These datasets relate to the most recent publication of the Biodiversity Indicators, which includes 24 indicators that give an overview of biodiversity in England.

In this publication 20 of the 24 indicators were updated, those for which new data are available. For the indicators not updated in 2023, data can be found in the England Biodiversity Indicators 2021 dataset.

If you would like the data in Excel format please email:

1. Extent and condition of protected areas

3 Habitat connectivity in the wider countryside

4a Status of priority species: relative abundance

4b Status of priority species: distribution

5 – Farmland species

6 – Woodland Species

7 - Wetland species

10 Status of pollinating insects

12a Animal genetic resources

14 Taking action for the environment

15 Funding for Biodiversity

17 Global Impacts of UK Consumption

18 Spring index

19 Pollution: air and marine

19b Marine pollution

20. Pressure from invasive species

21. Surface water status

22 Agri-environment and forestry

23 Sustainable fisheries

24 Biodiversity data for decision making

Published 29 May 2012
Last updated 8 April 2024 + show all updates
  1. Following indicators updated: 2a, 2b, 3, 4b, 4c, 8, 12b, 13

  2. Dataset amended and title of one indicator changed.

  3. Figure updated in the dataset England Biodiversity Indicator 1 (Protected sites) due to missing data. The assessment results have not changed.

  4. Landing page text amended.

  5. Annual update November 2023.

  6. Updated with 2022 SSSI condition data. When indicator 1 extent data was removed in December 2022 due to underlying issues, the condition data was removed at the same time. The condition data has not been affected by the issues and has been reinstated’ to the ‘Last updated.

  7. Main dataset amended and re-published.

  8. We have been made aware of a potential issue with the data relating to England 1. Whilst this is being investigated we have removed this year’s indicator. Until this is resolved the indicator from last year remains relevant.

  9. Updates to seven of the biodiversity indicators for 2022.

  10. Dataset updated with 2021 version.

  11. 2020 Assessement published.

  12. Revisions to summary text and dataset.

  13. Annual update.

  14. Annual update published

  15. This is a 2017 update to the strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services, biodiversity 2020 indicators.

  16. Update : Indicator C9a: Animal Genetic Resources was corrected and updated 30 November 2016

  17. England 2015 biodiversity dataseries published

  18. New biodiversity datasets

  19. 2013 edition

  20. First published.