Statistical data set

Air traffic at UK airports (AVI01)

Air traffic statistics tables, produced by Department for Transport.

Table AVI0101

Air traffic at UK airports (ODS, 11.3KB)

Table AVI0102

Air traffic by type of service, operator and airport (ODS, 38.1KB)

Table AVI0103

Punctuality at selected UK airports: time series (ODS, 27.2KB)

Table AVI0105

International passenger movements at UK airports by country of embarkation or landing: time series (ODS, 22.5KB)

Table AVI0106

Proportion of transfer passengers at selected UK airports: time series (ODS, 9.92KB)

Table AVI0107

Mode of transport to the airport (ODS, 17.1KB)

Table AVI0108

Purpose of travel at selected UK airports (ODS, 15.6KB)

Table AVI0109

UK airports (map) (PDF, 505KB, 1 page)

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Aviation statistics

Published 31 July 2013
Last updated 23 November 2017 + show all updates
  1. Tables updated.
  2. Map of UK airports updated.
  3. Tables updated to the latest data for 2014.
  4. Tables updated to include the latest data during 2013.
  5. AVI01 - Air traffic at UK airports. 2012 data added.
  6. First published.