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Asylum and resettlement datasets

Listing of the detailed asylum and resettlement datasets

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Asylum applications, decisions and resettlement

Asylum applications, initial decisions and resettlement (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 4.86MB)

Asy_D01: Asylum applications raised, by nationality, age, sex, UASC, applicant type, and location of application
Asy_D02: Outcomes of asylum applications at initial decision, and refugees resettled in the UK, by nationality, age, sex, applicant type, and UASC

Asylum applications awaiting a decision (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 868KB)

Asy_D03: Asylum applications awaiting an initial decision or further review, by nationality and applicant type

Outcome analysis of asylum applications (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 321KB)

Asy_D04: The initial decision and final outcome of all asylum applications raised in a period, by nationality

Age disputes

Age disputes (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 134KB)

Asy_D05: Age disputes raised and outcomes of age disputes

Asylum appeals

Asylum appeals lodged and determined (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 645KB)

Asy_D06: Asylum appeals raised at the First-Tier Tribunal, by nationality and sex
Asy_D07: Outcomes of asylum appeals raised at the First-Tier Tribunal, by nationality and sex

Non-suspensive appeals (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 125KB)

Asy_D08: Initial decisions on asylum applications eligible for non-suspensive appeal, by nationality

Asylum support

Asylum seekers in receipt of support (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 1000KB)

Asy_D09: Asylum seekers in receipt of support at end of period, by nationality, support type, and UK region

Applications for section 95 support (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 134KB)

Asy_D10: Applications for section 95 support, by nationality, support type granted, and group type

Dublin regulation

Dublin regulation (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 124KB)

Dub_D01: Transfers and requests for transfer under the Dublin regulation, by EU member state and article

Family reunion

Family reunion visa grants (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 247KB)

Fam_D01: Family reunion visas granted to family members of refugees, by nationality, sex and age

Local authority data

Resettlement by local authority (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 129KB)

Res_D01: Refugees resettled under the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS) and Vulnerable Children Resettlement Scheme (VCRS) by local authority

Section 95 support by local authority (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 330KB)

Asy_D11: Asylum seekers in receipt of section 95 support by local authority

Published 22 August 2019
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  1. Following feedback from users, some of the datasets have been combined into one Excel workbook. Additionally, more detailed descriptions of each dataset are now provided on the page.
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