Written statement to Parliament

Reforms to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme: Written Ministerial Statement

The Minister for the Cabinet Office laid a Written Ministerial Statement in Parliament on reforms to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

The Rt Hon Ben Gummer

Today I have laid an amended Civil Service Compensation Scheme before Parliament along with a report setting out the process by which we have sought to try to reach agreement with relevant trade unions.

The terms outlined in the Civil Service Compensation Scheme 2016 will come into effect from tomorrow, 9 November.

This amended scheme is in line with the government’s response to the consultation on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme that was published on 26 September and the offer made to trade unions on the same day.

The government has reformed the Civil Service Compensation Scheme to align with wider compensation reforms planned across the public sector, giving the Civil Service an effective, cost-efficient system to help civil servants leave when exits are needed. Our overarching aim will always be to provide the best possible service for the public and to create a Civil Service that treats our workforce with fairness and respect.

I believe that these reforms represent a strong negotiated settlement. It has been reached with trade unions that have engaged constructively in discussions. As a consequence we have an agreement that provides a firm foundation for the management of the Civil Service and its people for a generation. This administration will not seek to deviate from this agreement.

With this reform concluded, I want to work with trade unions on the aspirations we both have to make the Civil Service an even better place to work.

Published 8 November 2016