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  1. Fire safety risk assessment: theatres, cinemas and similar premises

  2. Amusement premises: model byelaw set 3

    • MHCLG
    • Guidance
    • Part of a collection: Model byelaws
  3. Fire safety risk assessment: large places of assembly

  4. Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills

  5. Fire safety risk assessment: animal premises and stables

  6. Pleasure fairs: model byelaw set 4

    • MHCLG
    • Guidance
    • Part of a collection: Model byelaws
  7. Fire statistics data tables

    • Home Office
    • Statistical data set
    • Part of a collection: Fire statistics
  8. Fire safety risk assessment: 5-step checklist

  9. Fire safety risk assessment: transport premises and facilities

  10. Fire safety risk assessment: educational premises

  11. Fire safety risk assessment: factories and warehouses

  12. Fire safety measures for health sector buildings (HTM 05-03)

  13. Fire safety risk assessment: residential care premises

  14. Competition: stopping it in its tracks

  15. Assessment of potential wildfire risk resulting from planned deforestation to open habitat: operations note 40

  16. Fire safety in new and existing school buildings

  17. Fire safety risk assessment: offices and shops

  18. Fire safety: guidance for the hospitality industry

  19. Fire safety risk assessment: healthcare premises

  20. Care Act 2014: supporting implementation

    • DHSC
    • Statutory guidance
  21. Building Safety Programme: letter to customers of Manse Masterdor Ltd

    • MHCLG
    • Correspondence
  22. Libraries Deliver: Ambition for Public Libraries in England 2016 to 2021

    • DCMS
    • Corporate report
  23. Fire safety risk assessment: sleeping accommodation

  24. Pools of conditions: supporting guidance

  25. Defence fuels policy, organisation and safety regulations (JSP 317)

  26. Building regulations and fire safety: government response to Select Committee report

    • MHCLG
    • Policy paper
  27. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco: commissioning support pack

  28. Neonicotinoid products as seed treatments for sugar beets: emergency authorisation application

    • Defra and HSE
    • Decision
  29. Offensive Weapons Bill 2018: overarching documents

    • Home Office
    • Policy paper
  30. Safety digest 10/2018: Middlewood Road

    • RAIB
    • Independent report
  31. Fire safety: clarification of statutory guidance (Approved Document B)

    • MHCLG
    • Closed consultation
  32. Generic risk assessment 2.4: flooding and water safety

  33. Building Bulletin 100: design for fire safety in schools

    • ESFA
    • Guidance
  34. Find a list of professional bodies approved for tax relief (list 3)

    • HMRC
    • Guidance
  35. A27 footbridge risk assessment

    • Highways England
    • FOI release
  36. Making premises safe from fire: short guide

    • MHCLG
    • Guidance
  37. Overseas Business Risk – Bolivia

  38. Premises licence forms

    • Home Office
    • Form
  39. Fire safety risk assessment: means of escape for disabled people

  40. Defence fire training: fire safety courses