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  1. UK SMI: report on survey into susceptibility testing methodology

    • PHE
    • Guidance
  2. Food and water microbiology EQA schemes: sample schedule

  3. Notifiable diseases: causative agents report for 2018

  4. Recreational and surface water scheme: recent intended results for distribution

  5. Vaccine update: issue 280, June 2018

    • PHE
    • Correspondence
  6. Norovirus and hepatitis A virus scheme: sample schedule

  7. People with dementia and learning disabilities: reasonable adjustments

    • PHE
    • Guidance
  8. Sexual health, reproductive health and HIV services: evaluation resources

    • PHE
    • Guidance
  9. Reported norovirus outbreaks (suspected and lab-confirmed) in hospitals: 2018

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  10. Gastrointestinal infections and foodborne outbreaks in humans, England and Wales

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  11. Health Protection Report volume 12 (2018)

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  12. Bottled and mineral water scheme: recent reports

  13. Prevention concordat for better mental health: consensus statement

  14. Environmental swab scheme: sample schedule

  15. Legionella molecular scheme: sample schedule

  16. Recreational and surface water scheme: sample schedule

  17. Legionella scheme: sample schedule

  18. Drinking water scheme: sample schedule

  19. Hospital water schemes: sample schedule

  20. Measles: confirmed cases

  21. Rubella: confirmed cases

  22. Bottled and mineral water scheme: sample schedule

  23. Consultation on the UK Nutrient Profiling Model 2018 review

    • PHE
    • Closed consultation
  24. Hazard identification and characterisation: animal carcinogenicity studies

  25. Environmental monitoring following the Grenfell Tower fire

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
    • Part of a collection: Grenfell Tower
  26. Bacteriology reference department user manual

  27. Diabetic eye screening: 2016 to 2017 data

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  28. Syndromic surveillance: weekly NHS 111 calls for 2018

  29. GP out-of-hours syndromic surveillance: weekly bulletins for 2018

  30. Remote health advice: weekly calls to NHS 111 for 2018

  31. Emergency department: weekly bulletins for 2018

  32. GP in hours: weekly bulletins for 2018

  33. High consequence infectious diseases: monthly summaries

  34. Flu vaccination in schools

  35. Falls: applying All Our Health

  36. Yellow fever: the green book, chapter 35

  37. MRSA, MSSA, Gram-negative bacteraemia and CDI: quarterly report

  38. Cancer survival in England: adult, stage at diagnosis and childhood – patients followed up to 2017

    • ONS and PHE
    • Official Statistics
  39. Data Release Assurance Board minutes

    • PHE
    • Transparency data
  40. Learning disability: applying All Our Health