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  1. Everybody active, every day: a framework to embed physical activity into daily life

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  2. Physical inactivity levels in adults aged 40 to 60 in England

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  3. Notification of tobacco or herbal products for smoking

    • PHE
    • Guidance
  4. Cancer in the West Midlands

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  5. Notifiable diseases: last 52 weeks

  6. Notifiable diseases: weekly reports for 2017

  7. Cystic fibrosis: presumed positive template letter

  8. Notification of cystic fibrosis (CF) diagnosis not identified through screening

  9. Repeat blood spot test for cystic fibrosis: information sheet

  10. Neurology services: hospital activity data

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  11. Cystic fibrosis inconclusive test follow up form

  12. Cystic fibrosis presumed follow up form

  13. Cystic fibrosis: screening not complete template letter

  14. Hepatitis B: vaccine recommendations during supply constraints

  15. Cystic fibrosis carrier follow up form

  16. Cystic fibrosis: probable carrier template letter

  17. Equipment specification: cystic fibrosis and congenital hypothyroidism screening

  18. Inherited metabolic diseases: affected not detected form

  19. Inherited metabolic diseases: PKU not suspected, further investigation required

  20. Inherited metabolic diseases: suspected condition template GP letter

  21. Inherited metabolic diseases: confirmed diagnosis template GP letter

  22. Inherited metabolic diseases: presumptive positive template letter

  23. Inherited metabolic diseases: baby screened positive, hospital template letter

  24. Safe supplies: annual review

  25. Immunoglobulin: when to use

  26. Recreational and surface water scheme: recent reports

  27. Legionella scheme: recent reports

  28. Childhood Flu Vaccination Programme in primary school age children

  29. Drinking water scheme: recent reports

  30. Data Release Assurance Board minutes

    • PHE
    • Transparency data
  31. Notifiable diseases: causative agents report for 2017

  32. Managing safety incidents in NHS screening programmes

  33. Health Protection Report volume 11 (2017)

  34. Staphylococcus aureus: annual trends in voluntary surveillance

  35. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) surveillance: biannual updates

  36. Shingles vaccination: eligibility poster

  37. Environmental monitoring following the Grenfell Tower fire

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  38. Mortality: weekly all-cause mortality surveillance

    • PHE
    • Official Statistics
  39. GP in hours: weekly bulletins for 2017

  40. Emergency department: weekly bulletins for 2017