Zoo animal feed: application to use animal by-products

Form to apply for approval to feed category 1 animal by-products (ABPs) to zoo animals.



This form is part of the guide to using animal by-products (ABPs) to feed carnivores at kennels and zoos.

You must complete it if you want to use either of the following as feed at your zoo:

  • category 1 ABP material to fed to carnivores (from poultry and rats to larger ungulates)
  • dead farm animals where the specified risk material (SRM) remains in the animal

Find out what category 1 ABP material is.

You must keep detailed records of any feeding of category 1 ABP material.

For customers in England, return the completed form to APHA Specialist Service Centre Worcester.

For customers in Scotland and Wales, return the completed form to your local APHA Field Service Office.