Corporate report

Your Charter Annual Report: 2014 to 2015

HMRC's annual report covering our delivery against Your Charter, including progress and priorities for further improvement.



HMRC deals with the tax and payments affairs of virtually every business and individual in the UK. Your Charter sets out sets out the relationship HMRC wants with its customers, what customers can expect from us, and the behaviours we expect of them.

The latest report (covering April 2014 to March 2015) focuses on:

  • introducing 22 new digital products and services, including:
    • PAYE for employees
    • Digital Self Assessment
    • Your Tax Account
    • Agent Online Self Serve
  • dealing with calls from customers – handling 89% of calls on the deadline day for tax credits renewals
  • providing new ways for people to get in touch – eg webchats, secure messaging and social media such as our @HMRCcustomers Twitter account
  • improving the support we give to people who need extra help
  • creating a new Counter-Avoidance Directorate with a clear focus on reducing the tax gap and avoidance activity
  • streamlining processes with our ‘Once and Done’ initiative – reducing the need for customers to contact us more than once to resolve a query
Published 12 January 2016