Workforce Capacity Fund for adult social care

Information for local authorities and adult social care providers on the £120 million Workforce Capacity Fund during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Applies to England


Annex D: reporting point 1 template

Annex F: reporting point 2 template

Annex G: reporting point 3 template

Local authority spending data (WCF)

Feedback survey results (WCF)


This guidance applies to the Workforce Capacity Fund, which operated between January 2021 and March 2021. While this fund is no longer live, this guidance is preserved here for reference, and local authority reporting and assurance purposes.

This guidance sets out:

  • the purpose of the fund
  • detailed examples of measures that this funding can be used to pay for, with advice for local authorities and providers on how to implement these measures and estimations of the resources required
  • information on reporting requirements

This page also contains:

  • outcomes and findings from the Workforce Capacity Fund, October 2021
  • local authority spending data for the fund
  • feedback survey results
Published 29 January 2021
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  1. Added 3 attachments: 'Workforce Capacity Fund: outcomes and findings, October 2021', 'Local authority spending data (WCF)' and 'Feedback survey results (WCF)'.

  2. Replaced 'Annex G: reporting point 3 template' with an updated version of the spreadsheet.

  3. Added 'Annex G: reporting point 3 template'.

  4. Changed the date for reporting point 3 to 17 May 2021.

  5. Added 'Annex F: reporting point 2 template'.

  6. In the 'Workforce Capacity Fund for adult social care' document, updated the 'Purpose' section to make it clearer how local authorities can use the fund.

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