Research and analysis

Winter resilience in transport: an assessment of the case for additional investment

Culmination of the review by the chief economists and scientists of the DfT, DECC and DEFRA.



Review by the Chief Economists and Scientists of the Department for Transport, Department of Energy and Climate Change and Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs in 2011 to establish if there was a case for greater investment in measures to improve winter resilience.

This report is the culmination of that review. Whilst it suggests that the balance of investment is broadly correct, it identifies a number of areas where further work would be helpful. For example, there is a strong case for introducing third rail heating to reduce disruption on the rail network to the south of London.

The report also suggests to further explore a number of promising measures to keep roads open and safe during severe winter weather, and to examine the case for increased investment in the Met Office’s supercomputing capacity.