Victim Personal Statement

The Victim Personal Statement gives victims an opportunity to explain how the crime has affected them, physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially or in any other way.



The Victim Personal Statement (VPS) is important and gives victims a voice in the criminal justice process by helping others to understand how a crime has affected the victim. If a defendant is found guilty, the court will take the VPS into account, along with all the other evidence, when deciding upon an appropriate sentence.

Victims’ Commissioner explains why a Victim Personal Statement matters

Victim Personal Statement and the Parole Board

Victims who opt into the Probation Victim Contact Scheme for victims where the offender has been sentenced to custody for 12 months or more for a serious sexual or violent offence, must be given the opportunity to make a Victim Personal Statement to the Parole Board in those cases where the offender has a Parole Board review.

The Victim Personal Statement (VPS) gives victims the opportunity to explain how the crime affected them and their family, and what the impact of release will be.

More information about the Victim Contact Scheme and VPS.

Impact Statement for Business

If your business has been a victim of crime and you report this to the police, you can make an Impact Statement for Business (ISB). The ISB gives you the opportunity to set out the impact that a crime has had on the business such as direct financial loss, and wider impacts, e.g. operational disruption or reputational damage. The court will take the statement into account when determining sentence.

All businesses and enterprises (including charities but excluding public sector bodies), of any size may make an ISB through a nominated representative.

You can make an ISB to the police at the same time as they take statements about the alleged offence or download an ISB form and send the completed form to your police contact. Download the ISB form.

Published 11 November 2013
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