Vehicle washing and cleaning, PPG13: prevent pollution

This publication was withdrawn on 14 December 2015

All pollution prevention guidance (PPGs) that was previously maintained by the Environment Agency has been withdrawn from use and can now be found on The National Archives.

Pollution prevention guidance contained a mix of regulatory requirements and good practice advice. The Environment Agency does not provide ‘good practice’ guidance.

Current guidance explains how to: report an environmental incident, get permission to discharge to surface or groundwater, manage business and commercial waste, store oil and any oil storage regulations, discharge sewage with no mains drainage, work on or near water and manage water on land.

Advice on preventing pollution and complying with environmental law when washing and cleaning vehicles



Pollution Prevention Guidance 13 (PPG13) provides information to businesses how to comply with the law and prevent pollution when washing and cleaning vehicles. It does not apply to householders washing their own vehicles at home.

It includes advice on dealing with effluent, waste management and storing and using chemicals.