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Update on monitoring of exam boards’ marketing and support events

We commissioned external experts to attend events on our behalf. We also invited feedback from external experts who were already attending events.


Mystery shopper report July 2018


Since 2015, we have gathered feedback from a sample of exam boards’ marketing and support events for their new and reformed GCSEs, AS and A levels. This programme of work helps us to gain assurance that our rules are being met. The programme helps to ensure that exam boards are not providing information at events that is misleading or that could undermine the validity of the assessments.

  • Information might be misleading if it implies that qualifications are easier than required or that it is not necessary to teach certain topics.
  • The validity of an assessment might be undermined if confidential information about the assessment is disclosed. This might include information about topics on which exam questions will be set in a particular exam series.
Published 19 July 2018
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  1. There was an error in a previous version of this report. We stated that Hodder was part of the Pearson group. This was incorrect. Some text and data has been changed from that published previously.'
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