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UKTI Financial Services Organisation

This publication was withdrawn on 25 June 2015

This document no longer accurately reflects government policy and activity. See current information about the UKTI Financial Services Organisation.

The UKTI Financial Services Organisation (UKTI FSO) helps companies in the financial and related professional and business services sectors to expand overseas.



The UKTI Financial Services Organisation (UKTI FSO) has 2 main aims:

  1. To attract high value foreign direct investment (FDI) into the UK
  2. To help companies grow their business through international trade

This publication covers:

  • overview of the financial services sector
  • investment management
  • insurance
  • back and middle office
  • financial technology
  • associated professional and business services
  • promote the excellence of the UK’s capabilities in targeted overseas markets to boost exports
  • how UKTI FSO can help
  • UKTI support companies wanting to locate to the UK
  • expanding business overseas
  • contacts