UK border control posts: animal and animal product imports

Find an approved UK Border Control Post (BCP) to check the animals, animal products or high-risk food and feed of non-animal origin in your consignment.



Most consignments of animals, animal products and products of non-animal origin from non-EU countries must come through a Border Control Post (BCP), previously known as a Border Inspection Post (BIP).

You must:

  • tell the BCP about your consignment in advance – if you don’t, you may be charged an additional fee or your checks could take longer
  • make sure the BCP you’re using is designated to check your shipment’s commodity

Use this list to check you’re using the right BCP, and to find its contact details.

This list includes:

  • live animal BCPs
  • animal products BCPs
  • products of non-animal origin BCPs

If you’re a port or airport operator and interested in building new or modifying existing border control posts, read guidance on applying to set up a BCP.

Published 24 January 2019
Last updated 31 January 2023 + show all updates
  1. Updated entries for Manchester airport on the list of border control posts at airports.

  2. Removed 'Doncaster Sheffield' from the list of border control posts at airports.

  3. Added Teesside International Airport Limited as a newly designated border control post (BCP).

  4. Updated the entries for Felixstowe on the list '1. Border control posts (BCPs) at ports' with new inspection centre details.

  5. We have added Animal Aircare Ltd as a newly designated border control post the list.

  6. Update the animals and goods specifications and additional specification for East Midlands Airport on the list 'Live animals, animal products and food and feed of non-animal origin border control posts (BCP) in the UK'.

  7. Under 'Border control posts (BCPs) at ports', we've amended the details for Grimsby and Immingham.

  8. Changes have been made for the border control post in Grimsby and Immingham. Frozen products of animal origin for human consumption (POA-HC-T(FR)) now have further specifications.

  9. Updated categories of animals and goods specifications for Liverpool and London Gateway.

  10. Updated Dover harbours record.

  11. Updated the record for Dover Harbour.

  12. Removed Dover Port from Border Control Posts at ports list as it has been delisted.

  13. Updated the 'categories of animals and goods and specifications' and 'additional specifications regarding the scope of the designation' in the BCP lists.

  14. Updated BCP Portsmouth port entry to Portico Shipping Ltd.

  15. Updates to Edinburgh Airport BCP, Prestwick airport BCP and Invergordon BCP.

  16. Updated the Bristol BCP address,

  17. Added contact details for port authorities interested in building new or modifying existing border control posts.

  18. First published.