UK antimicrobial resistance strategy and action plan: engagement exercise

An engagement exercise to seek views on the new integrated UK 5 year antimicrobial resistance (AMR) strategy and action plan.



The Department of Health has launched a 3 week technical engagement exercise, that runs from 3 to 23 October, to get input from professional bodies and interest groups on the new UK 5 year AMR strategy and action plan.

The AMR strategy and action plan has been developed in collaboration with Defra, the devolved administrations and other government departments.

The AMR strategy will:

  • provide a framework to champion the responsible use of antibiotics
  • strengthen research and surveillance capability
  • encourage behaviour change through responsible prescribing and use of antibiotics
  • change public attitudes to antibiotics from being seen as a ‘cure all’ to a medicine to be used as a last resort

The strategy builds on the first version published in 2000 and takes account of developments at EU and international level.

Published 28 August 2012