Travelling to the EU with a UK passport if there’s no Brexit deal

Check whether you would be affected by changes to rules for British citizens travelling to some European countries after March 2019 if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.

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This guidance was withdrawn on 28 January 2019. This page has been replaced by a newer version. Go to: Passport rules for travel to Europe after Brexit.



The entry requirements for British passport holders, including those with passports issued by the Crown Dependencies (Guernsey, Isle of Man, and Jersey) and Gibraltar, travelling to Schengen area countries will change after the UK leaves the EU.

After 29 March 2019, you’ll need to check the details of your passport and, if necessary, apply for a new one before you travel to a Schengen area country. For most people no action will be required, but if your passport will be older than 9 years and 6 months on the date you plan to travel, you will need to renew it in advance.

Published 13 September 2018
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