Training resources on childhood neglect: presentations and notes

Presentations and notes for training multi-agency groups on identifying and preventing child neglect.


N1: understanding neglect

N5: neglect and young people

N6: disabled children

N12: assessing parental capacity

N14: assessing attachment

N15: communicating with parents

N20: the role of schools

P1: understanding neglect

P3: identifying factors which may contribute to neglect

P4: children's health, including mental health

P5: neglect and young people

P6: disabled children

P7: parenting and domestic violence

P8: parenting and substance misuse

P9: parenting with learning disabilities

P10: parenting with mental health problems

P11: assessing children's developmental needs

P12: assessing parental capacity

P13: understanding family and environmental factors

P14: assessing attachment

P15: communicating with parents

P16: assessing the role of fathers/father figures

P18: assessing motivation and willingness to change

P19: effective interventions in neglect cases

P20: the role of schools

P21: measuring outcomes for each child

P22: working with looked after children

P24: working with parents with learning disabilities

P25: understanding neglect and social values

P27: understanding assessment and decision-making

P28: understanding cumulative harm

P29: understanding integrated working

P30: child neglect and supervision


These presentations are designed to increase participant knowledge of the learning outcome.

All the presentations come complete with a comprehensive set of notes, which detail how to get the most from the resource and advise on how to incorporate the varied supporting materials that are included.

The guidance and exercise documents, handouts and family case studies that complement these presentations and notes are also available.

Published 12 June 2012