Training resources on childhood neglect: exercises and guidance

Exercises and guidance documents for training multi-agency groups on identifying and preventing child neglect.


E: warm up

G: warm up

E1: understanding neglect

G1: understanding neglect

E2: noticing neglect

G2: noticing neglect

E6: neglect and attachment

G6: neglect and attachment

G7: neglect and unmet health needs

E12: communicating with the child

G12: communicating with the child

E16: the child’s perspective

G16: the child’s perspective

E21: engaging parents and carers

G21: engaging parents and carers

E28: outcomes or indicators?

G28: outcomes or indicators?

E29: promoting resilience

G29: promoting resilience

E30: improving parenting capacity

G30: improving parenting capacity

E31: reviewing pace of change

G31: reviewing pace of change

E32: addressing housing needs

G32: addressing housing needs

E35: taking concerns seriously

G35: taking concerns seriously

E36: exploring your values

G36: exploring your values

E39: guarding against bias

G39: guarding against bias

G43: planning to meet carers needs

E46: the language of services

G46: the language of services


All trainer guidance documents have the letter ‘G’ as the prefix and the accompanying exercise handouts have the letter ‘E’ as the prefix.

The presentations and notes, handouts and family case studies that complement these guidance and exercise documents are also available.

Published 12 June 2012