Temporary relaxation of the enforcement of the drivers’ hours rules: all sectors carriage of goods by road

Temporary relaxation of the GB drivers’ hours rules for drivers carrying goods by road.

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These temporary relaxations ended 14 June 2020. Guidance on how and when to request a temporary relaxation of drivers’ hours rules.



The Department for Transport introduced a temporary and limited urgent relaxation of the enforcement of both the EU and GB drivers’ hours rules in England, Scotland and Wales 23 March 2020.

Both of these relaxations have now ended.

Published 20 March 2020
Last updated 15 June 2020 + show all updates
  1. Temporary relaxation of GB drivers' hours rules ended 23:59 Sunday 14 June.

  2. Confirmation of end date for GB hours relaxation.

  3. EU drivers' hours relaxation is ended. GB relaxation continues until 14 June.

  4. Update on the temporary relaxations of EU and GB drivers' hours rules.

  5. Extension of the current relaxations, apart for break derogation in EU rules, until 31 May 2020.

  6. This is an update, following a specific review, confirming the continuation of the current temporary relaxation until 21 April 2020 and including a further minor relaxation of the EU drivers’ hours rules.

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