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Special advisers’ quarterly returns: 2014

Quarterly returns for the Department for Education's special advisers, including details of gifts received, hospitality and media meetings.


Hospitality: October to December 2014

Gifts received: October to December 2014

Meetings: October to December 2014

Hospitality: July to September 2014

Gifts received: July to September 2014

Meetings: July to September 2014

Gifts and hospitality: April to June 2014

Gifts and hospitality: January to March 2014


The Department for Education publishes quarterly details of:

  • all gifts received by each special adviser
  • all hospitality received by special advisers, though this does not normally include:
    • attendance at functions hosted by the government
    • ‘diplomatic’ functions in the UK or abroad hosted by overseas governments
    • minor refreshments at meetings, receptions, conferences, and seminars
    • offers of hospitality that were declined
  • all media meetings with special advisers
Published 31 October 2014
Last updated 15 October 2015 + show all updates
  1. Added July to December 2014 data.
  2. Added April to June 2014 data.
  3. First published.