Wind up a pension scheme

Submit an Event Report to HMRC to declare that a scheme has ceased to exist.

Winding up a Pension scheme

A scheme wind up is where the scheme ceases to exist. The scheme assets will either be:

  • transferred to other pension schemes
  • used to buy annuities to provide the members with their benefits

As scheme administrator you must submit an Event Report to HMRC using Pension Schemes Online giving the date the scheme completed winding-up. You have three months from this date to do this. If you’re the scheme administrator of a scheme with a Pension Scheme Tax Reference (PTSR) beginning with ‘2’ and you need to report the wind up of the scheme, please contact Pension Schemes Services.

You must continue to meet all information reporting requirements until you tell HMRC of the wind up.

Information you’ll need

To complete the Event Report you’ll need the:

  • Government Gateway user ID and password you used when you registered for the Pension Scheme Online service
  • PSTR of the scheme
  • date the scheme completed winding-up

If you don’t have the PSTR you’ll need the pension scheme name and either the SF reference number (for schemes approved before 6 April 2006) or the contract/policy number.

If you are a practitioner filing the Event Report for a scheme administrator you will also need the name, address and scheme administrator ID of the scheme administrator who has approved the content of the Event Report.

If the scheme was approved before 6 April 2006

Most schemes approved before 6 April 2006 have been given a PSTR. However, if you haven’t needed to contact HMRC you probably won’t have signed up to use Pension Schemes Online or have the scheme’s PSTR. You can use the scheme’s tax approval reference number to find the scheme record on Pension Schemes Online. The number looks like this - SF 000/000000/000000/A.

If you’ve got the tax approval reference number, contact the Pension Schemes Services Helpline to check it’s the right number and that it’s complete.

If you haven’t got the reference number you’ll need to get it from the pension provider or insurance company as HMRC can’t give it to you.

Published 16 September 2014
Last updated 4 June 2018 + show all updates
  1. Sentence added to advise scheme administrators with a Pension Scheme Tax Reference beginning with '2' to contact Pension Schemes Services if they want to report the wind up of a service.

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