List of declared subcontractors

Subcontractors that hold contracts to provide education and training (previously known as the subcontracting register).



Provides information about subcontractors that hold contracts worth at least £100,000 in aggregate with one or more lead providers (a college, training organisation or employer that has a direct contractual relationship with the ESFA).

Subcontractors are shown with their lead provider/s and the individual values of their contracts. Some subcontractors are ‘lead providers’ in their own right. The list is based on data taken from subcontractor declaration forms that ‘lead providers’ submit each academic year.

This is the second publication of the list of declared subcontractors for the 2016 to 2017 academic year. It is based on forms received at 5 May 2017. This version contains 1,295 subcontractors with a combined contract value of £803,040,128.

The subcontractor declaration form and the list of declared subcontractors:

  • let lead providers understand the contractual commitments of their current and potential subcontractors
  • is not a list of approved subcontractors, so lead providers should not use it for this purpose