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AIDU information about the milFLIP (military flight information publications) website and guidance on using the service request form.

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Developed by No 1 AIDU and released in 2008, MilFLIP provides authorised customers with secure internet access to the AIDU product catalogue and web services. MilFLIP provides access to a wide range of products such as Navtechs, NGAs and FAAs extensive Terminal Approcah Plate library as well as NGA’s planning documents. MilFLIP also provides links to foreign AIPs and AIS websites.

MilFLIP offers comprehensive worldwide TAP coverage, which includes Aerodrome, IAPs, SIDs, STARs and Ramp Charts, which can be downloaded as PDFs (in single or booklet format) and either viewed on screen, printed or saved to your local device.

All digital mapping and data formats supplied by No 1 AIDU is available for download from MilFLIP as a zip file.

MilFLIP provides a web service through the Aeronautical Display System (ADS) where users can draw routes over raster and vector layers giving them the ability to create bespoke TAP booklets and Aerodrome Supplements. The user is able to switch between raster layers of aeronautical and topographical views depending on their requirements.

MilFLIP is also available in DVD format with the MilFLIP DVD providing the user with html files and PDFs whilst the MilFLIP Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) DVD provides PDFs with associated controlling documents. A Civil MilFLIP DVD containing only No 1 AIDU products is available to purchase.

Users requiring a MilFLIP account please go to and request an account.

Service request user guide

AIDU milFLIP guidance document to assist in the completion of the AIDU service request form for the submission of notifications of changes or amendments, discrepancy reporting, suggestions, and customer orders

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