Service family accommodation: disputed charges

Form and process flowchart for service personnel wishing to dipsute charges for damages to service family accommodation.



When you move out of UK service family accommodation (SFA) or substitute service family accommodation (SSFA), you may be liable for charges for damages or deficiencies that are not classed as fair wear and tear, or because you have failed to prepare the property to the correct standard, for example cleanliness.

Since 1 October 2013, the process for managing these charges permits DIO to take these directly from the pay of serving personnel in order to improve the efficiency of the process.

Any payments taken depend on the size of the charge and individual monthly income (using MOD guidelines to ensure that deductions do not exceed a set limit of pay).

If you consider that you are not responsible for the charges, or part of them, for example that the damage is the result of fair wear and tear, you are able to dispute the charge raised using the ‘Disputed charges form’.

Published 1 October 2013
Last updated 6 May 2020 + show all updates
  1. Updated the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Disputed charges form (May 2020).

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