Service family accommodation: welcome pack

This publication was withdrawn on 14 April 2015

This publication was archived on 1 December 2014. This document is now out of date following the introduction of the National Housing Prime contract for service family accommodation (SFA) in the UK.

New details can be found at

Useful information, contact details, maps and forms for personnel when they move into their service family accommodation in the UK.


Here you will find electronic copies of some of the information your housing officer will provide you with when you move into your service family accommodation (SFA).

The full pack contains a short amount of key information such as:

  • where to find further information about SFA
  • the numbers to call to request maintenance/repairs
  • a HASC map (available above)
  • an SFA 14 day observation form (available above)
  • where to find useful local information

You may also find useful information is available from your local HIVE.

The pack folder is also a handy place to store information about your SFA, such as the Gas Safety Certificate.