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R095 - National Seascape Character assessment

Evidence requirement R095: National Seascape Character assessment



Requirement R095

Requirement detail

The MMO requires a character description of the north east, south east, south west and north west marine plan areas to support marine planning. Evidence is required to characterise both the inshore and offshore areas.

This work will be split into the following parts:

  1. characterisation of the above marine plan areas via desk study
  2. stakeholder validation of the findings
  3. visual amenity analysis to show where the sea is visible from the land
  4. field work, which is not a priority to deliver as part of this requirement, but could potentially add value to the findings.

MMO use

Marine Planning: will use the characterisation work (stakeholder validation if available) to help inform marine plan development, particularly in relation to identifying seascape related issues and developing plan policies for seascape.

Marine Licensing: will use the visual amenity analysis to help determine the impacts of developments at sea from the land and vice versa, which will inform licensing decisions where relevant.

External interest:

Natural England, Environment Agency, Cefas

Published 14 September 2016
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