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Screening tests for you and your baby: babies in special care units

Information about newborn screening tests for parents of babies in special care units.



This information explains some important differences in the way that the newborn screening tests are carried out for babies in special care baby units, neonatal intensive care units or paediatric intensive care units.

It is also available in these 12 language translations: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Somali and Urdu.

This information is available in A4 PDF format (in English) to print out and provide for people who cannot access digital information (see list above).

Contact the Screening helpdesk with any queries about this publication, making sure you include its full title.

Published 1 August 2015
Last updated 30 October 2021 + show all updates
  1. Added plain A4 PDF version for printing, to provide for people unable to access this information online.

  2. Updated text on use of personal information.

  3. Updated translations and added HTML digital format.

  4. Added HTML version of the leaflet.

  5. Updated with new statement on use of personal data.

  6. Leaflet updated to include new 6-dose vaccination schedule for hepatitis B.

  7. Added 10 translated versions.

  8. First published.