Salisbury Plain public access improvement

Documents and notices relating to the Salisbury Plain access improvement project.



In an effort to provide a better recreational network and to reduce the potential for conflict between the public and military training, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has submitted an application to the Department of Transport (DfT) to close a series of public rights of way ‘tails’ on Larkhill Artillery Range (LAR) under the Lands Powers (Defence) Act 1958.

The decision to close the LAR tails is part of Project Ubique, an ongoing project aiming to make improvements and provide better managed public access across Salisbury Plain. To date, successful steps have already been made to improve the public rights of way, including the dedication of a byway, open to all traffic, from Larkhill to Ridgeway, the dedication of the Horse Down Bridleway, from Ridgeway to Tilshead, better aligned routes around Larkhill racecourse, and improved rights of way signage around the area.

The downloadable documents provide further details of Project Ubique.

The DfT has now drafted a legal order and published a notice publicising the proposed changes. A copy of this notice is attached. Please note that all correspondence relating to the drafting of this order should be directed to the Department for Transport via the relevant contact details found on the notice.

Published 1 February 2012