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Royal Courts of Justice Cause List

Daily cause lists for cases to be heard in the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL.



The following lists are subject to change until 4.30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to parties or their legal representatives.

This list provides hearing information for:

  • Administrative Court
  • Central London County Court (Thomas More Building including Bankruptcy and Insolvency County Court and Mayors & City of London Court)
  • Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)
  • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
  • Family Division of the High Court
  • Queen’s Bench Division
  • Queen’s Bench Masters
  • Senior Courts Costs Office

Case references used by the Royal Courts of Justice and Rolls Building

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Published 18 February 2021
Last updated 15 April 2021 + show all updates
  1. Criminal Appeal List Updated

  2. Causelist Updated

  3. Further update for QB judges list

  4. QB Judges List updated

  5. QB Judges List updated

  6. Welsh Administrative Court list for Cardiff published.

  7. Court of Appeal, Civil Division uploaded

  8. ACO London, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff and Manchester uploaded Criminal Appeal uploaded SCCO uploaded QB Masters & Judges Listing uploaded

  9. Criminal Appeal Causelist updated

  10. Cardiff Administrative Court Welsh hearing list updated.

  11. IPEC list added to Bankruptcy and Insolvencies County Court list

  12. County Court at Central London cause list updated

  13. QB Judges List amended

  14. cause list updated

  15. Family Division Causelist

  16. Court of Appeal, Civil list updated

  17. ACO London, Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff uploaded (No list received form Manchester) QB Masters Listing updated

  18. QB Judges List updated

  19. SCCO & Criminal Appeals Causelist

  20. SCCO Causelist updated

  21. Easter vacation notice removed.

  22. QB Judges list updated.

  23. QB Masters List updated.

  24. ACO London updated

  25. Family Division Causelist Updated

  26. ACO London & Leeds uploaded (No list received from Birmingham, Manchester or Cardiff)

  27. QB Judges List updated

  28. cause list updated

  29. QB Judges List updated

  30. Family Division Causelist

  31. Civil Appeals list updated

  32. Criminal Appeal and SCCO Causelist QB Masters List updated

  33. ACO London, Leeds and Birmingham uploaded (No list received from Manchester or Cardiff) QB List updated

  34. cause list updated

  35. QB Judges and Masters Lists updated.

  36. ACO London, Birmingham, Leeds and Cardiff list uploaded (no list received from Manchester)

  37. CLCC cause list updated G5QZ4G94 and G7QZ3F80 now with HHJ Freeland

  38. cause list updated

  39. Family Division Causelist updated

  40. QB Masters List updated.

  41. ACO London, Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff uploaded (No list received from Manchester) CACD (Civil) updated

  42. QB List updated

  43. Welsh ACO list for Cardiff updated.

  44. Cause list updated

  45. cause list 8 April 2021 updated

  46. Family Division Causelist updated

  47. QB Masters List uploaded

  48. ACO London, Birmingham, Leeds & Cardiff uploaded (No list received from Manchester) CACD (Civil) list uploaded QB List uploaded

  49. Criminal Appeal list updated

  50. cause list updated

  51. cause list for 7 April 2021 updated

  52. cause list updated for 7 April 2021

  53. QB list amended

  54. ACO Manchester now uploaded

  55. ACO London, Birmingham, Leeds and Cardiff list uploaded (No list received from Manchester) QB Masters list uploaded QB list uploaded

  56. cause list updated 6 April 2021

  57. Welsh Administrative Court list updated.

  58. cause list 6 April 2021 updated

  59. ACO London, Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff uploaded (No list received from Manchester) QB uploaded QB Masters uploaded Family Division upload

  60. Welsh hearing list for Cardiff published.

  61. Cause list updated

  62. Family Division

  63. Family Division listed updated.

  64. Cause List updated

  65. QB Masters list uploaded

  66. Admin Court London, Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff lists uploaded (No list received from Manchester) QB list uploaded

  67. Criminal Appeal and SCCO causelist updated

  68. QB update

  69. QB update

  70. Family Division List updated.

  71. Welsh page updated.

  72. ACO Leeds updated

  73. Case list updated

  74. Cause list updated

  75. Mujrray J's list updated

  76. Judgment added to list

  77. cause list updated

  78. Family Division List updated.

  79. ACO amendment

  80. Cause list 31 March 2021 updated

  81. Easter vacation notice 2021 added.

  82. QB Masters list updated

  83. QB List updated

  84. ACO London, Birmingham, Leeds and Cardiff uploaded - no list received from Manchester

  85. Criminal Appeals & SCCO Causelist Updated

  86. Further amendments ACO London

  87. Late changes to ACO London

  88. Judgment of Lane J added to QB list

  89. ACO Amendment

  90. Cause List Updated

  91. Family Updated

  92. List updated

  93. Family Division List Updated.

  94. Family Division Listl updated

  95. QB Judges list amended and Masters list updated.

  96. ACO London, Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff Cause lists added (No Manchester list received)

  97. Typo for QB list

  98. Updated Criminal Appeal List

  99. Typo for QB List corrected.

  100. QB List updated

  101. Family Division List updated

  102. Late amendments

  103. Cause List updated 29 March 2021

  104. List Updated

  105. ACO updates

  106. Cause list updated for 29 March 2021

  107. Nicklin J's list amended

  108. 29 March 2021 Cause List updated

  109. Family Division list updated Nicklin J's list amended

  110. QB Masters list updated

  111. Cause List updated

  112. Admin Court London, Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff uploaded QB judges List uploaded

  113. Criminal Appeal list updated

  114. Cause list 26 March 2021 updated

  115. Criminal Appeal List Updated

  116. Family Division List Updated

  117. ACO Manchester list not received until 2:40pm

  118. ACO List uploaded - 2pm

  119. QB Judges List updated

  120. QB Judges list updated

  121. QB Masters list updated

  122. Peter Marquand's list amended

  123. Johnson J's list amended

  124. Collins Rice J's list changed

  125. Cause list for 25 March updated

  126. CLCC updated list

  127. ACO Lists for 25/3 added

  128. SCCO and Criminal Appeal list updated

  129. Cause list updated with Family Division list for 25/3/21

  130. Cause List 24 March 2021 updated

  131. Cause List for 25 March 2021 updated

  132. QB Judges and Masters lists updated

  133. ACO Manchester list updated.

  134. ACO Lists for regions updated.

  135. ACO London list updated

  136. ACO London list published

  137. ACO London Cause List updated

  138. Uploaded Criminal Appeals Causelist

  139. QB Judges listing published

  140. Cause List for 24 March 2021 updated (QB Judges)

  141. QB Master list updated

  142. Criminal Appeal List updated

  143. Updated with Admin Court list

  144. ACO lists updated. Received late

  145. QB Master List updated

  146. Nicklin J removed from list

  147. Cause Listed Updated for Family Division

  148. QB List added

  149. Updated Causelist

  150. Nicklin J's list amended 22/3

  151. References for Alison Hall and Damien Own (Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)) amended.

  152. QB list amended. Lambert J is now a 10am start.

  153. First published.