Rights of way guidance booklet

Guidance on procedures for considering objections to definitive map and public path orders.

Applies to England and Wales



This booklet contains information on:

  • when we receive an order
  • written representations
  • the hearing procedure
  • local public inquiries
  • other issues relevant to hearings and inquiries
  • what the Inspector considers in reaching a decision
  • the decision (including the modifications process)
  • costs
  • complaints and challenges
  • virtual events
  • site visits
Published 1 March 2014
Last updated 22 June 2022 + show all updates
  1. Various edits and section 7.2 - 7.4 rewritten.

  2. All Covid-19 related information removed

  3. Multiple changes on annex b

  4. All references to Advice note 10 removed, AN10 has been retired


  6. Booklet updated with links to the Planning Inspectorate new Privacy Policy

  7. Updated with a chapter on virtual events and change to the guidance on accompanied site visits.

  8. The booklet has been updated to encourage people to submit all documents electronically.

  9. PDF booklet updated

  10. Guidance booklet amended with new wording regarding Libellous comments.

  11. Location details updated in booklet

  12. Booklet updated

  13. Updates to guidance made to reflect the new GDPR rules

  14. Links within document updated

  15. Updated broken links, updated the room number for Customer Quality Team, added another question to the end of Appendix H and made reference to submitting witness statements with a proof of evidence (Appendix E).

  16. Complaints and Feedback updated and a new section on communicating with us electronically.

  17. Update to costs section to reflect that Inspectors can now consider initiating an award of costs.

  18. First published.