Report prescription misuse: animal medicine

Submit an online report for suspected misuse of a veterinary prescription.


Prescription misuse reporting form


You can make a report of suspected misuse of a veterinary prescription to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD).

There are 2 categories of misuse of a prescription:

  • alteration of an existing prescription
  • prescription fraud

Examples of alterations include:

  • changing the date the prescription was signed
  • changing the quantity of the product
  • inclusion of additional medicines
  • altering the number of repeats

Examples of fraud include:

  • supplying same prescriptions to multiple retailers for supply
  • forging the signature of a vet, pharmacist or SQP

The VMD considers each reported case of misuse.

Generally, for altered prescriptions for non-food producing animals a warning letter will be sent to the offender for a first offence

For fraud, altered prescriptions for food-producing animals, repeat offences of altered prescriptions, case will be sent to Defra Investigation Services with a view to prosecution.

For further information read Enforcement strategy for animal medicines.

Published 18 April 2014
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