Further education and skills – guidance

Register of apprentice assessment organisations

List of organisations approved as end point apprentice assessors.


We are currently updating the Register page on GOV.UK. You can find the latest information here. We will add to the information of this page throughout August 2016.

Information on the register of apprentice assessment organisations for:

  • employers seeking an independent end-point assessment organisation
  • potential applicants to the register.

Please read the Introduction to the Register which provides an overview of the role of the Register to support employers and the criteria we set for applications.

As well as containing on programme training and assessment, all apprenticeship standards must contain an end-point assessment. An independent organisation must be involved in the end-point assessment of each apprentice so that all apprentices following the same standard are assessed consistently.

The register of apprentice assessment organisations (the register) is a list of organisations that have been assessed as being suitable to conduct independent end-point assessment of apprentices and be in receipt of public funds.

Only these organisations are eligible to conduct independent end-point assessment of apprentices. Although a number of different people and organisations may be involved in an apprentice’s end-point assessment, only the independent organisation needs to apply to and be listed on the register.

Employers of apprentices will select an organisation from the register to conduct independent end-point assessment of their apprentices. The register is regularly updated as more organisations successfully apply.