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Regional Growth Fund Case Studies Number 3: Bentley Motors

Explains how the regional growth fund (RGF) is helping Bentley Motors fund research and development, create 500 jobs and protect 200 more.

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Explains how 500 new jobs have been created and a further 200 will be protected at Bentley Motors in Crewe following their successful bids to the Regional Growth Fund (RGF).

£3 million is being used by the world-famous company, which has manufactured luxury cars since 1919, to help fund a research and development project which will create a new engine and transmission for the brand to help the business expand into new overseas markets.

A further £1.69 million of RGF has helped train new staff and ensure the Company’s skill levels are globally competitive. The grant has also leveraged tens of millions of pounds worth of private investment for the projects.

For further information on on the RGF, see Understanding the Regional Growth Fund.

Published 13 December 2012