Refuse Derived Fuel Ltd (RDF), Moor Street, Brierley Hill, West Midlands

Updated 23 November 2016

Refuse Derived Fuel Limited (RDF Ltd) took over Brian Hill Waste Management Limited’s Moor Street site in Brierley Hill in 2009 - the environmental permit and its conditions transferred to RDF Ltd. The company’s business plan was to produce a fuel for burning at other sites using the waste collected at Moor Street but unfortunately the shredding and baling activities carried out by RDF Ltd did not comply with the conditions of the original permit. The amount of waste stored on site was also significantly above the permit’s maximum height requirements, and had exceeded the maximum (6 month) storage period outlined in the permit.

Following unsuccessful efforts to secure the company’s compliance with the environmental permit, the Environment Agency took enforcement action and subsequent legal action against RDF Ltd and its directors.

1. Latest news

The last of the waste accumulated from the operations of RDF Ltd at Moor Street, Brierley Hill has now left the site.

Since January 2016, the Environment Agency has worked with the site landowners to make sure the remaining waste was cleared, but not at the expense of the taxpayer. The landowners have funded the clearance at a cost of approximately £2million, removing around 25,000 cubic metres of waste.

The responsibility of clearing the site fell to landowners after the Environment Agency exhausted all legal avenues available in efforts to hold those responsible to account. In these cases, ultimately the landowners are responsible for clearing waste abandoned by operators or dumped illegally.

The Environment Agency has worked with the contractors employed by the site landowners to establish a clear and robust audit trail that can account for all of the waste leaving the site.

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