Reception baseline assessment framework

An assessment for pupils in reception to measure their progress in primary schools from 2020.


Reception baseline assessment framework

Reception baseline assessment framework: supporting document


The reception baseline assessment will provide the basis for a new way of measuring the progress primary schools make with their pupils. Unlike the current progress measure, this will give schools credit for the important work they do with their pupils between reception and year 2.

Following a successful national voluntary pilot, the reception baseline assessment will be statutory for all eligible schools from September 2020.

The assessment framework provides details about the assessment, including information about the content of the assessment and its design.

The supporting document provides further information on the development process, content and format of the assessment.

Reception baseline assessment information video

You can view the reception baseline assessment information video below. It provides details about the assessment including its purpose, how it will work in practice and the national voluntary pilot.


Published 27 February 2019