Research and analysis

Radiotherapy Services in England 2012

This report sets out the state of radiotherapy services in England.



This report:

  • uses the radiotherapy dataset collection to demonstrate what the data shows about radiotherapy services across England
  • assesses whether the metrics for radiotherapy services, established by the National Radiotherapy Implementation Group (NRIG) report in 2007, remain current
  • shows that there is more to be done to ensure that the right access levels are reached and that the service has the capacity to deliver at those levels
  • identifies variation in doses of radiotherapy prescribed by clinicians around the country (local services now need to examine how much of this variation is clinically appropriate)
  • provides information that will enable services to see how they are progressing against a number of metrics
  • is aimed at commissioners and service providers
  • has been prepared by the NRIG, which advises the Department of Health and Ministers on radiotherapy services in England

Radiotherapy remains a priority for the service and commissioners should ensure that access rates and the use of advanced radiotherapy techniques, such as intensity modulated radiotherapy, are appropriate for their populations.