Price paid or value information: registration procedures (PG7)

Guidance for conveyancers on how price paid and value information is entered in the register (practice guide 7).



This guide contains information about HM Land Registry’s procedures to enter price paid or value information in the register. It also explains how the decision was taken to restore this information to the register.

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Published 13 October 2003
Last updated 29 June 2020 + show all updates
  1. The guide has been amended to remove information that was appropriate when the guide was first published but of less importance today, consolidates related information into single sections and provides a clearer explanation about what we regard as a discount or incentive, with some examples.

  2. Section 5.1 has been amended to clarify that the consideration panel of a transfer or prescribed clause LR7 of a prescribed clauses lease must be completed with the net price paid after any discount has been applied.

  3. Section 5.1 has been amended to clarify what is included in price paid entries.

  4. Section 2 has been amended to remove reference to an appointment of a new trustee being an example of when the procedures referred to in rule 8(2) of the Land Registration Rules 2003 do not apply. Section 4 has been amended to include reference to land transaction tax.

  5. Section 12 has been amended to include additional price paid data that we now supply.

  6. Link to the advice we offer added

  7. First published.