Statutory guidance

Pre-key stage 1 standards

For teachers to report assessment outcomes for pupils working below the standard of national curriculum assessments (commonly called SATs) at the end of KS1.


2018 to 2019 pre-key stage 1: pupils working below the national curriculum assessment standard


Pre-key stage standards are for pupils who are working below the overall standard of national curriculum assessments, but who are engaged in subject-specific study.

2018 to 2019 Pre-key stage 1 standards

Teachers must use these standards to make statutory teacher assessment judgements at the end of key stage 1 for pupils who are working below the national curriculum teacher assessment frameworks, and above P scale 4. If a pupil is working below these standards, teachers should report their outcomes using P scales 1 to 4.

These are for use from the 2018 to 2019 academic year onwards. They are the same documents that we originally published in May 2018 to give teachers advance notice of the final standards.

Comparability over time

Judgements made against the 2018 to 2019 pre-key stage standards will not be directly comparable to those made in previous years against the interim pre-key stage standards and P scales.

Pre-key stage standards information video

You can view the pre-key stage standards information video below. It provides details about the pre-key stage standards and explains how they should be used.

New pre-key stage standards in primary schools

Published 10 September 2018