Statutory guidance

Pre-key stage 1: pupils working below the test standard in 2016

These interim pre-key stage standards are to be used by teachers to report a statutory assessment outcome for specified pupils at the end of key stage 1.



The pre-key stage standards for 2017 have been published at Key stage 1 teacher assessment.

These interim pre-key stage standards reflect the attainment of pupils who have not yet completed the relevant programmes of study but have reached a chronological age that requires a statutory outcome to be reported.

The statements within the standards reflect those areas of knowledge and understanding of core developmental milestones for progression on to the standards defined by the interim teacher assessment framework at key stage 1.

The guidance is designed to enable schools to print out the information separately for English reading, English writing and mathematics. This is to allow the standards for each of the 3 subject areas to be considered in isolation, if required.